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Get Well Wishes That Warm The Soul

One of the best ways to help cure the winter blues - or worse, the effects of cold and flu season - is to offer an ailing friend or loved one some flowers. A 2008 study by the American Society of Horticultural Science found that hospitalized patients who have flowers or potted plants in their rooms use less pain medication and have lower blood pressure overall than their flowerless counterparts. Elsewhere, research shows that the happiness one feels after receiving flowers lasts days, and that those who give and receive flowers tend to have better, closer relationships. All of this confirms what we at Neubauer's Flowers have long suspected: there's literally nothing like a floral or plant gift to cheer someone up. Read More about Get Well Wishes That Warm The Soul »
Posted by neubauers on December 31, 2017 | Last Updated: December 17, 2019 flower gifts Get Well

Pretty Fun Winter Flowers

You may not know it, but many flowers thrive during winter. Roses, amaryllis, lilies . . . the list of lovely blooms goes on, making it easy to find a beautiful bouquet to give to someone special, whether it's your grandmother's birthday or your daughter's debut in The Nutcracker. The point is, winter is not the time to stop having fun with flowers, given that there's such an infinite variety of blooms available in a range of colors. Neubauer's Flowers is having a field day with all of them. Read More about Pretty Fun Winter Flowers »
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Lavish Romantic Bouquets For 2018

At Neubauer's Flowers, we cherish classic looks and beloved blooms, but we're always interested in a fresh take on floral design, too. We like to think about ways we can make traditional flowers feel new and dynamic, which is why International Floral Distributors' annual trend report - and forecasts like it - can give us a lot of inspiration. Creativity, visual appeal, and a sense of adventure in floral work are just as important to us as quality, convenience and unsurpassed customer service. In this week's blog, we focus on one of the four trends identified for 2018 by IFD. Read More about Lavish Romantic Bouquets For 2018 »
Posted by neubauers on December 18, 2017 | Last Updated: July 15, 2020 Floral Design Flowers

Three Festive Gifts From Our Guide

Consider our Holiday Gift Guide - a curated collection of the season's best blooms, vivid greens and more - our gift to you. We at Neubauer's Flowers have been hard at work on our holiday designs and loving how this time of year calls for bold color and texture, the addition of natural accents and a sense of whimsy and play. Flowers are inspired and magical this time of year, which you'll see in our guide. For now, here are three gifts we love from it. Read More about Three Festive Gifts From Our Guide »
Posted by neubauers on December 9, 2017 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas Gifts Holidays

Sweet Secret Santa Gifts They’ll Love

.single #maincontent .img-featured { object-position: top; } When it comes to Secret Santa - the group gift swap that relies on the recipient not knowing the giver's identity - there's lots of fun to be had, but also a few challenges. This gift exchange is popular throughout the West for good reason; it brings a group of coworkers or friends together to celebrate the holidays, and it makes sure everyone gets a gift without breaking the bank. But it's the part that is the most fun of all - the anonymity - that also makes Secret Santa a gift-giving challenge. At Neubauer's Flowers, we're in the business of making sure people find exactly the right gift. And that's no different from Secret Santa. Read More about Sweet Secret Santa Gifts They’ll Love »
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