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Posted by neubauers on December 18, 2017 | Last Updated: July 15, 2020 Floral Design Flowers

Lavish Romantic Bouquets For 2018

At Neubauer’s Flowers, we cherish classic looks and beloved blooms, but we’re always interested in a fresh take on floral design, too. We like to think about ways we can make traditional flowers feel new and dynamic, which is why International Floral Distributors’ annual trend report – and forecasts like it – can give us a lot of inspiration. Creativity, visual appeal, and a sense of adventure in floral work are just as important to us as quality, convenience and unsurpassed customer service.

In this week’s blog, we focus on one of the four trends identified for 2018 by IFD.

They’re calling it “Positively Posh,” and we can see why. This style often presents layers of delicate petals unfolding one after the other for a ruffled effect, using a wash of pale hues – think pinks and grays – punctuated by violet or crimson. The look is a balance between polished and whimsical, which we think is reflected in our Lavender Rose Bouquet.

This could be a very traditional design – and it is – but the color and the round shape keep it solidly modern-looking. Height is key here, but the buds themselves are kept tight, ensuring that every petal is a key part of the overall vision. The effect is a ruffle of flowers in a contemporary palette, set off by a simple glass vase.

We’re loving the floral design trends on track for 2018 and look forward to presenting you with new and unique pieces in the new year.