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Be a Great Gift-Giver for your Thanksgiving Hostess

As Thanksgiving approaches this month, we look forward to time spent with loved ones, enjoying the abundance of a traditional meal and reflecting on everything we’re thankful for. If you are among the lucky ones invited as a guest to a Thanksgiving celebration, consider yourself blessed. Then begin to give some thought to what you’ll bring as a hostess gift because showing up empty-handed simply is not an option.  Read More about Be a Great Gift-Giver for your Thanksgiving Hostess »
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Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time to add the brilliant golds, oranges, yellows and reds of the season to your outdoor décor. As the entrance to the home, your front porch beckons guests to come inside. Adding fresh fall flowers in interesting containers is an easy way to let the neighborhood know that fall is finally here! Read More about Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall »
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Add the Beauty of Chrysanthemums to Your Home

The Quintessential Fall Flower Has Many Varieties to Choose From As summer gives way to the cooler fall months, it’s exciting to find beautiful natural color and style everywhere you look. Chrysanthemums, a representative of the fall season, is one of our favorite fall flowers because they bring so much color and spirit to the autumn season. There are over 40 species and thousands of varieties of chrysanthemums available, all so different and unique from one another, it’s easy to choose something perfect for your own Uniontown home or garden. Take a look at a few of our favorite varieties here at Neubauer’s Flowers and learn a bit about adding or maintaining these beauties in your own garden. Read More about Add the Beauty of Chrysanthemums to Your Home »
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Choose Fresh and Fabulous This Fall

Fall is a wonderful time for enjoying cooler temperatures, changing colors of leaves, and warm, creamy drinks like hot cocoa and pumpkin lattes. At Neubauer‘s Flowers, we’re especially looking forward to introducing our fall collection to you. Nature delivers some of the most beautiful flowers during the fall season and we are using them to create some amazing and unique designs. Take a look at our beautiful collection and choose a fabulous fall floral design or blooming plant to send anyone in the Uniontown area, or keep some for yourself to decorate for fall. Read More about Choose Fresh and Fabulous This Fall »

4 Ideas For A Memorable Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is almost here! Celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, this is a wonderful time for families to honor and celebrate the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families. Have children choose a beautiful floral bouquet, a long lasting plant design, or other special gift to send to grandparents. The floral delivery service at Neubauer‘s Flowers will be glad to deliver your special selection anywhere in the Uniontown area, including local nursing homes, retirement centers and senior communities, along with private residences. If you have the opportunity to spend time with grandparents, we also have a few ideas that will make that time with the grandchildren memorable. Read More about 4 Ideas For A Memorable Grandparents Day »

Easy Ways To Send Students Back To School In Style

As students return to college campuses this fall, it’s important to send them with everything they need. They are excited to exert their independence, but we want to make sure they’re fully prepared for what lies ahead. That’s why the designers at Neubauer‘s Flowers have created a short list of items students need... and maybe don’t realize! This fall, send them something practical and thoughtful to show them that you are supporting your efforts. Read More about Easy Ways To Send Students Back To School In Style »

Finding Unique, Unusual Gifts

Part of being a fabulous gift giver includes finding unique, unusual gifts that everyone will love. They should wonder where you found something so perfect for them. The air of mystery surrounding a great gift is part of the thrill that excites the giver and recipient alike. At Neubauer’s Flowers, we go beyond our beautiful floral designs and offer some amazing gifts. These exotic discoveries are so unique, you’ll be excited to find treasures for everyone you know on each of their special occasions.  Read More about Finding Unique, Unusual Gifts »
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