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Flowers That Matter For The Occasions That Do

Special occasions or eventful moments in our lives are often made more meaningful when we mark them as such. Retirement parties, for instance, are a great way to celebrate the years of service and hard work a person has achieved, while wishing them well on their new adventure in retirement. It also helps make the transition from one role to another a little easier. The floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers suggest sending or bringing flowers to your next retirement party to celebrate the guest of honor, wish them well, and let them know they’ll be missed. Read More about Flowers That Matter For The Occasions That Do »
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Keeping The Best Floral Traditions Alive

Some of the best things come from some of the most unexpected places. Take Neubauer’s Flowers for example. We started out growing plants in greenhouses in West Virginia before including floral design. Another great idea that came out of West Virginia is Grandparents Day. This special day was started by West Virginia native Marian McQuade with three purposes in mind: to honor grandparents, to give them an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer. This September, fulfill these purposes and build relationships with a gorgeous arrangement from Neubauer’s Flowers. Read More about Keeping The Best Floral Traditions Alive »
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Gorgeous All-White Flower Designs That Make A Statement

A burst of white against deep, rich hues can be the fresh twist your decorating needs. Adding all-white floral arrangements to a solid, dark-colored room brings a fresh contrast that will off-set the heavy colors and fabrics. Lend texture and sophistication to a stately room by using a bouquet of flowers of all one shade. White makes a statement and can showcase fragrance, texture and style that might be missed or overshadowed in a bouquet of mixed colors. The floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers have created amazing designs that will leave you craving more white in your decorating pallet. Read More about Gorgeous All-White Flower Designs That Make A Statement »
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Celebrating Bee-Friendly Flowers

“The best things in life are free… but you can give them to the birds and bees…” -The Flying Lizzards We think the best things in life- natural beauty, a fresh garden, beautiful smiles- are free and so enjoyable when you are purposeful about them. Enjoying farm-fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables in your own backyard is right near the top of the list. Bring birds, bees and other delightful creatures to your garden with brightly colored blooms, simple, single-petal flowers, fresh water and a bit of shade. Neubauer’s Flowers encourages you to add bee-friendly blooms and remove toxic pesticides as a recipe for success when creating a safe, natural environment right in your backyard. Read More about Celebrating Bee-Friendly Flowers »
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Make It A Living Room For Real

When it comes to decorating your home, certain rooms are designed to showcase your amazing personality and unique sense of style. Formal living rooms, for example, can have a dramatic flair that truly reveals who you are to your guests. Special artwork, memorabilia from your travels, or your rare book collection will find a home in a room like this. Neubauer’s Flowers recommends including a gorgeous arrangement of flowers to soften the ambiance yet reflect your style at the same time. Read More about Make It A Living Room For Real »
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A Wonderful Gift For Your Student

As summer ends and the new school year approaches, your student may be getting excited about the first day of school. There’s so much to anticipate, from new friends and teachers to a new schedule and classrooms. Celebrate their excitement and encourage them to do their best this year with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Neubauer’s Flowers. The success you already see in them will build their confidence as they walk into their new year. Read More about A Wonderful Gift For Your Student »
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A Rose Festival & More Warm-Weather Flower Events

Neubauer's Flowers sees no reason why you shouldn't plan your next vacation around one attraction near and dear to our hearts: flowers. Every spring and summer, cities and towns make a big deal out of whatever's growing in their backyards, from California's lavender and poppies to Texas's bluebells and New York's lilac. These local festivals and events go all out to celebrate their most beautiful assets, throwing parades, parties and other activities designed to attract visitors from near and far like, well, bees to honey. Discover a place through its flowers, and get yourself to one of these top spots next year. Read More about A Rose Festival & More Warm-Weather Flower Events »
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Flowers In Art And Music

Flowers. It's hard to think of something else that has inspired artists as much as these enchanting beauties. History is filled with examples of paintings and music that take inspiration from flowers, plants and herbs, often making use of them as symbols and metaphors. Sometimes, they are simply examined, praised or otherwise honored in a piece for their beauty, grace, strength and connection to the natural world. Many of our greatest painters have been moved to capture flowers in their work, exploring a blossom's extraordinary beauty and mystery, while songwriters and performers have taken flower names for titles and used their qualities to stand in for human ones. Neaubauer's Flowers thinks that this has never been more the case than for the rose, a flower that art and music have always been in love with. Read More about Flowers In Art And Music »
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Pro Tips To Handle Those Flowers

Here at Neubauer's Flowers, we love spreading the good word about how to take care of flowers. If it were up to us, they would last forever. Alas, no one can work magic, but we think our floral care tips come pretty close to it. If you pay attention to the care of your flowers, you'll keep them fresh for as long as possible, maximizing your enjoyment of them and everyone else's. Read on to find our best advice on how to prolong the life of your blossoms. Read More about Pro Tips To Handle Those Flowers »
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Let Your Table Take A Trip

Summer's here, and it's time to travel. Whether you're going near or far on vacation this year, adventure is on the horizon. There's just nothing like experiencing new people, new cultures and new customs. If you've planned a staycation instead, Neubauer's Flowers is happy to tell you that it's entirely possible to fake a well-traveled vibe in your home. Yes, flowers are involved, but not just any flowers. You'll want to choose wisely to evoke the feeling you're after. For a tropical feel, it's orchid and Bird of Paradise all the way; for a Parisian feel, intricate bouquets full of cascading blossoms. Read More about Let Your Table Take A Trip »
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