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Elevate your BBQ Style with Flowers

Summer means swimming, eating ice cream, and looking forward to the famous backyard barbeque. This year, it’s time to spice it up, and we aren’t just talking about the burgers, pulled pork, or brisket. “Wow” your guests as they enter your yard and are met with pops of beautiful blooms and unique flower creations. Putting the fun into your classic day goes beyond the games and conversations with friends and family. Here at Neubauer’s Flowers, Uniontown’s top florist, we know that details matter, and what is better than making you and your guests smile with fresh florals?

Add Colorful Flower Accents

A pop of color is just what your backyard and outside space is calling for. With nature and delicious food already creating a neutral color pallet, it’s important to incorporate bright and bold colors to honor the summertime. Think bright orange, pink, blue, purple, yellow, and red blooms surrounded by lush and vibrant greenery. Find the perfect small arrangements to adorn guest tables, food tables, game stations, and other eye-catching areas.

Select Hardy Blooms

One important thing to remember when selecting the best blooms for your backyard BBQ is the season and optimal living conditions for specific flowers. For instance, roses will have a hard time surviving the blistering summer heat. As an alternative, we suggest opting for hardier florals and greenery such as sunflowers, carnations, daisies, wax flowers, pincushions, anthurium, eucalyptus, delphinium, and succulents. These plants will have an easier time surviving the party and even offering their beauty in the home afterward.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

Give your guests something unexpected to enjoy at your next classic summer BBQ by adding some floral flair into their drinks. Whether you are stirring up creative cocktails, like a lavender lemon spritz, or infusing your favorite fruits or cucumbers in water, floating elegant petals in glasses and cups is a tiny detail with a large impact. Before garnishing drinks, food, or even cooking with edible blooms, ensure they are sourced properly and are safe to consume. If you are unsure, simply contact your local florist.

Fill Mason Jars for Decor & Gifts

Our favorite way to include flowers in backyard BBQs is by giving them as parting gifts to thank our guests for spending the day or evening with us. As we cherish these summer memories year after year, sharing breathtaking blooms with our friends and family is something everyone can appreciate. Having these keepsakes are also a small reminder of the mouthwatering food, good time, and even better company at the BBQ. A fun idea is to fill rustic mason jars with bright summertime flowers, scatter them around the guest tables for decor, then surprise guests with their gift at the end of the party.

Kick off your first backyard summer BBQ by going all out on your decor and details. Including bright hues and fresh flowers as centerpieces, table accents, gifts, and even as lovely garnishes for drinks are sure to help start your summer on a high note. If you are looking for the most appealing and lively summertime blooms, your friends here at Neubauer’s Flowers are sure to meet your needs.

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