Same-day rose delivery to Uniontown and surrounding areas!

Favorites in Roses

Celebrate in style with a rose arrangement from us! At Neubauer's Flowers, we have the finest selection of roses in the area. Our roses arrive daily, and the colors are magnificent. Select a color to convey your feelings- Romantic reds, yellows for friendship, pure whites, and more. Call our floral consultants today at 724-437-5500 for assistance in your selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best flower delivery websites?

🌹 The best website to get flowers delivered from is your local florist! Supporting a local business, like your favorite Uniontown florist, Neubauer’s means that you’ll get the highest quality customer service and the best flowers available. Connect with your neighborhood flower and gift shop, Neubauer’s Flowers today!

How much does it cost to have a dozen roses delivered?

🌹 Rose prices vary throughout the year and depend on the variety of roses. Whether you are looking for a sharply geometric rose or a blossoming garden variety, we have the perfect selection for you. Connect with us today!

How long does flower delivery take?

🌹 Neubauer’s Flowers is proud to offer same-day delivery on most of our arrangements. Since every bouquet is hand-crafted to order, it does take a little time. If you’re in a rush, give us a call or stop by!

Why are roses so expensive?

🌹 Spray roses are an economical option for anyone looking to save a little money. Of course, as a high-demand flower, roses are a little more expensive than other flowers.

How do you send roses to someone?

🌹 Our website makes it easy to send flowers to your loved ones in the greater Uniontown area! Or, our expert florists are always just a phone call away.

What does a dozen red roses mean?

🌹 Red roses symbolize everlasting love and a dozen of them add the idea of completion or perfection. Twelve has a long history of standing for complete or perfection. So a dozen red roses could mean perfect love or complete devotion.

What do rose colors mean?

🌹 Red roses, representing love and respect, are an instant classic, loved by everyone. Yellow is a wonderful flower to send to your friends and family, as it represents joy and friendship. Dark pink roses are known as the thankful flower. White represents serenity and innocence, making it a fantastic choice for an austere occasion.

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