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Posted by neubauers on July 20, 2021 Flowers

How to Create a Meaningful Reunion with a Loved one at the Airport

Show How Much You Love Them with Flowers at the Airport

Make the reunion with your loved one extra special and meaningful by bringing along a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to give to your SO upon her return. This simple yet thoughtful and loving gesture will make your wife or girlfriend feel extra special and loved. As onlookers are wondering where their flowers are, your love will be beaming – as fresh flowers tend to have this effect on people. Flowers also have been proven to boost spirits, elevate one’s mood, and reduce stress. Plus, they’re just so darn pretty, and they smell good too. Make your girl feel like a million bucks with flowers at the airport. For tips on choosing the right colors and types of flowers, the floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers, Uniontown’s top florist, have got you covered.

Creative Ways to Surprise Loved Ones with Flowers

Present Flowers at the Airport

Being able to hand over a lovely bouquet of blooms as soon as your loved ones land can be meaningful and sweet as well as creative and humorous if you want to have a little fun. Make them smile and giggle as you stand in line among other chauffeurs at the airport and hold a funny, homemade sign along with their flowers. This is sure to be a memorable experience you will both treasure, especially if you dress the part with a spiffy black outfit and goatee.

Spruce Up Your Car

If your friend or family member is traveling a long distance or carrying a few pieces of luggage, presenting them with flowers off the bat might be overwhelming. If you don’t want to navigate the airport while juggling bouquets and bags, spruce up the inside of your car by displaying flowers in the cupholder and a card or favorite local snacks on the front seat. As you load their suitcases into the backseat or trunk, they will be met with a thoughtful gesture up front to help them relax from their trip.

Decorate Your Home

You can never go wrong with a classic greeting as soon as they open the door to your home. Complete with a welcome banner and lush bouquet of flowers with their name on it, they are sure to enjoy the warm invitation to be your guest. If you have pets, you can even dress up your furry friends for an additional element of fun and surprise.

Tease with a Single Stem

Another way to get around juggle blooms and bags at the airport is by presenting your visitor with a single stem. This way, you can give them the sweet greeting they deserve without the hassle. Then, as you arrive home, the remainder of their bouquet will be patiently waiting in a beautiful vase of fresh water.

Design a Flower Scavenger Hunt

If you want to entertain your guests the moment they get into town, create a unique scavenger hunt with flowers. Greet them at the airport with a single bloom, then present them with another in the car, followed by a small bunch as they walk through the door to your home, and finally a full bouquet over lunch or dinner. As each flower is presented you can tie a note with a series of riddles, pieces of an itinerary for their visit, or pieces of a sentence for them to piece together at the end.

Dress Up the Dinner Table

For guests arriving close to mealtime, dressing up and properly setting your dining table with their welcome flowers as the centerpiece is a classic and luxurious way to give them a proper welcome. Include a card near the centerpiece so they know the beautiful bouquet is for them. Complete the meal with their favorite local foods or introduce them to something new and yummy.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

Freshen up your guest room with a cheerful pop of color and graceful greeting. Elegantly display their floral bouquet on a dresser or nightstand in a vase of fresh water and include a short welcome note with suggestions of places to explore around the town. This is another thoughtful way to welcome your guests while ensuring the flowers last throughout the duration of their visit.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

If your loved ones are arriving late at night, presenting them with flowers while they are exhausted may not have the same effect or yield the reaction you were hoping for. Especially if they are overtired, it might be best to arrange a surprise floral delivery for the next morning. This way, everyone can admire the blooms over tea, coffee, and breakfast and wake up to the sight of their favorite blooms in a more impactful way.

Presenting someone with flowers at the airport is an age-old tradition that began many centuries ago. As most traditions evolve over time, this one has remained to symbolize a warm welcome and greeting to out-of-town visitors.