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Posted by neubauers on November 17, 2019 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Flowers

Here Are the Best Flowers We’re Thankful For

Everyone has a favorite flower, or maybe even a few favorites! To know what your favorite flower is means you understand yourself and may even be in touch with the deeper aspects of your personality. Knowing your loved ones’ favorite flowers means you can show them how well you know and love them by sending them their favorites.

The floral designers at Neubauer’s Flowers also have favorite flowers, and we love it when we get the chance to work with them. We choose our favorites for all sorts of reasons- their fragrance, their color, and their texture add a particular element to the designs we create. Here are some of our most favorite flowers and why we love them so much.

Terracotta Rose Bouquet


Not only do these classic blooms come in every color imaginable, their fragrance is unmistakable. We especially love roses because they’re so easy to work with and never go out of style. Plus, with so many varieties, the meanings conveyed with roses are as numerous as their varieties. For example, red roses are a classic sign of love and affection, while orange represents passion and yellow friendship. If roses are your favorite flower, your passion and love for tradition causes you to seek the best in others and even bring it out in them. Send designs full of roses like our Terracotta Rose bouquet to special people in your life who bring out the best in you!


Bright and cheery, our locally-grown sunflowers are a favorite for their bright color and hint of sunshine. With large, open faces filled with brown, white or green centers surrounded by layers of smooth yellow petals, sunflowers are the life of the party, just like the people who admire them. Send sunflowers to brighten anyone’s day, or place them throughout your home for a happy pick-me-up.

Party of Three Bouquet


With assorted warm tones, cheerful appearance, and versatility in size, these sunflower look-alikes always make a statement. Much like sunflowers, Gerberas tend to have a round disk center surrounded by bright single-color petals, ranging in hues from soft whites and pastels to bright fuschias, reds, and oranges. Symbolizing purity and innocence, Gerbera daisies like those in our Party of Three design make a great gift for a friend, co-worker or neighbor.

Flowers & Garden Bouquet


These classic go-to flowers fit a multitude of purposes, mainly because there are so many varieties. From large, frothy football mums to the smallest micro mums, from spiky spider mums to dense cremone, the textures, sizes and varieties are typically available year-round and remain hardy even in the toughest conditions. Often used as an uplifting bloom for many different occasions, sending mums is equivalent to sending messages of optimism, cheerfulness, and friendship. Mums like those in our attractive Flowers & Garden Tin bouquet are a great flower to send to your best friend.

Mackenzie-Childs Basket

Spray Roses

Unlike roses that grow as one bloom per stem, spray roses grow with clusters of blooms on one stem or branch. Because they grow so close together, these clusters can also be referred to as sweetheart roses. We love to include these blooms in our arrangements because their smaller size adds a multi-dimensional effect to each bouquet. The variety of roses offered in our Mackenzie-Childs Basket showcases this element gorgeously.

We choose our favorite flowers for many reasons, often because a part of our personality is drawn to something specific in the blooms. We find certain colors, shapes, sizes and varieties more attractive for a reason. Celebrate who you are as well as your friends and family when you send and display favorite flowers. To learn more about which flowers we love most and are thankful for, talk to the floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers. We’ll be glad to share our favorite flowers with you.