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Posted by neubauers on January 8, 2018 | Last Updated: July 15, 2020 flower gifts Flowers

Unforgettable Flowers For The Whole Year

Looking for a great way to make someone feel loved all year long? Send them flowers every month.

This is a gift-giving concept we here at Neubauer’s Flowers┬áreally love, and believe us, we’ve seen them all, from the last-minute splurge on roses to carefully customized arrangements planned weeks in advance. There’s nothing quite like the idea of sending someone flowers every month for the next 12, and certainly nothing better than receiving them.

It’s a simple set-up with a huge pay-off, especially if you’re looking to ensure that your sweetheart or a beloved family member feels cared for all year long. Create a standing order with us for a monthly delivery, and we’ll make sure that your recipient gets the best seasonal blooms available that month. You can also customize your bouquets and get creative in what you have sent, whether you want to showcase a specific flower or send a plant one month. We’re a huge fan of both, as our Sun Blushed Rose Bouquet┬ádemonstrates.

We love how this gift preserves the element of surprise that accompanies every delivery of fresh flowers, and yet adds to it the promise that there will be more (which can be explained in the first card message). It’s a way of guaranteeing that the person you care so much for is always surrounded by something fresh and lovely. There’s no better gift than that.