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Posted by neubauers on July 25, 2021 Flowers Sympathy Sympathy Gifts

Heartfelt & Unique Sympathy Gifts for Loved ones

Sympathy gifts are a heartfelt way to deliver your thoughts and care to bereaved loved ones. Selecting what to send can be difficult, but when it comes to sympathy gifts, it’s truly the thought that counts. Here at Neubauer’s, we understand this may be a challenging time for many which is why we have assembled a collection of thoughtful and unique memorial gifts that will hopefully inspire gratitude, love, and solace for those who need it. 

Some of our most popular sympathy items, beyond flowers, include memorial lanterns, throws, wind chimes, and gourmet gift baskets. Whether you are looking to send light, warm thoughts, a twinkling reminder of your lost loved one, or comfort, there is an option right for you.

Memorial Lanterns

Memorial lanterns are a wonderful way to send light to your loved ones. A small amount of light in a dark time can really illuminate your loved one’s world. The tradition of putting a light on for the lost started as early as the 4th century with candles to guide the dead to their final location and ward them away from the home. Lanterns, lights, and candles are used in Christianity as a way to commemorate the lives of the dearly departed. Giving your loved ones a memorial lantern is a wonderful way to provide them with comfort and brightness as they work through their grief.

Decorative memorial throw rug with irish angel holding a bowl

Irish Angel Memorial Throw

Memorial Throws

When experiencing extreme emotions, some people feel physically cold. A memorial throw is not just a thoughtful gift with the symbolic message of warm thoughts, it can help meet your loved one’s physical needs in a troubled moment. Our beautiful throws are hand-crafted in North Carolina and we chose blankets that convey both hope and reverence. Memorial throws are a lasting gift that sends warm thoughts to your loved ones, while also helping meet a physical need they may experience in their grief.

windchime with hook and beautiful white and greenn flowers hanging over it

Lord’s Prayer Wind Chime

Carson Wind Chimes

The gentle twinkling sound of bells that wind chimes provide on the wind is calming and effective at uplifting spirits. While wind chimes are a great present for any occasion, sending an atmosphere of peace is especially appreciated during times of sorrow. With a long history of use, from positive feng shui to the Romans hanging windchimes called tintinnabulum in their gardens for protective uses, the soothing qualities of this sympathy gift cannot be underestimated. Wind chimes are the perfect gift for a tense loved one who would appreciate the soothing nature of the twinkling bells.

fruit basket with oranges graps and apples and several yellow and purple flowers

Fruit and Flowers

Gourmet Baskets

Gourmet gift baskets are always thoughtful gifts. Sending food to your loved ones is a wonderful show of care and can provide comfort and nourishment to mourning families while respectfully expressing condolences. Finding time to cook, especially with family or friends visiting, can add stress to an already difficult time. Sending a fruit basket, cheeses, or snacks can be a huge help.

Sending sympathy gifts is a great way to brighten your loved one’s day. Whether you are sending light, warmth, peace, or comfort, the thought is appreciated. Connect with your trusted local source, Neubauer’s. We are here to help.