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Posted by neubauers on December 31, 2017 | Last Updated: December 17, 2019 flower gifts Get Well

Get Well Wishes That Warm The Soul

One of the best ways to help cure the winter blues – or worse, the effects of cold and flu season – is to offer an ailing friend or loved one some flowers. A 2008 study by the American Society of Horticultural Science found that hospitalized patients who have flowers or potted plants in their rooms use less pain medication and have lower blood pressure overall than their flowerless counterparts.

Elsewhere, research shows that the happiness one feels after receiving flowers lasts days, and that those who give and receive flowers tend to have better, closer relationships. All of this confirms what we at Neubauer’s Flowers have long suspected: there’s literally nothing like a floral or plant gift to cheer someone up.

We have a dedicated collection of designs and arrangements for just this purpose, and while we believe that any flower gift brings joy, there are a few specific items that can really lift someone’s spirits when they’re feeling sick. Take our piece Brighten Your Day, for instance. The softly-hued blooms here aren’t too bright and yet still bring color and life into a space, literally oxygenating a room at a time when it’s needed most.

Lavender carnations, white Asiatic lilies and daisy poms, orange Peruvian lilies, coral roses (in Deluxe, Premium and Exquisite versions) and more are arranged in a glass vase.

Meadow Bouquet

Orange roses (in Deluxe, Premium, Exquisite), Asiatic lilies, Gerbera daisies (in Standard only), magenta carnations, purple stock and more are arranged in a glass vase

Sunset Sweetness Bouquet

Party of Three small small containers with colorful flowers

Party of Three


This could easily be placed on a bedside table or on a sunny windowsill, where it reflects serenity and comfort while still hinting at better days ahead. Call on us at Neubauer’s Flowers to help you cheer up that special someone this season.