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How to Get Flowers from Your Partner “Just Because”

Receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day is a cherished tradition that brings joy to countless people every year. The happiness you experience when you find a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers and a heartfelt card message waiting for you at your doorstep is truly remarkable. Moreover, flowers have positive effects on our well-being, lifting our spirits, freshening the air, and strengthening our connection with our partners.

But what if you desire to feel this special more often, simply because your sweetheart wants to show you how important you are? At Neubauer’s Flowers in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, we’re here to make that happen as frequently as you desire. If you’re yearning for a meaningful flower arrangement filled with beautiful symbolism, let us help you spark the impetus your partner needs.

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. You knocked a challenging family recipe out of the park
  2. You gave money to a cause that means a lot to your partner
  3. You trained for a marathon and finally completed one
  4. Your work training the dog finally paid off
  5. You applied for a job but didn’t get it and need to be cheered up
  6. You took care of the crying baby every night this week
  7. You deserve to be celebrated on International Women’s Day
  8. You want to be inspired and appreciated on your birthday
  9. You kissed a bad habit goodbye and want to be acknowledged
  10. You and your mom got in a tiff and it put you in a sad mood
  11. The budget you implemented is saving you both serious bucks
  12. When you get sick you get extra tired and require special attention
  13. You stepped up to the plate and did the paperwork you were avoiding
  14. You provided your partner’s sibling with a glowing recommendation
  15. It’s tradition for you to celebrate the change of seasons with flowers
  16. After all of these years, you were able to get your driver’s license
  17. You like to put out fresh flowers on January 1 to invite a fresh start
  18. You got through a tough yoga challenge and want to be celebrated
  19. You didn’t let your fear stop you from swimming in the ocean
  20. After long hours of hard work and studying, you passed a challenging test

How to Drop Hints

  1. Point out flowers you see outside.
  2. Share a post or article on social media about the symbolism of flowers.
  3. Bring up a conversation about favorite scents, subtly mentioning how flowers top your list.
  4. Share your wish directly, saying, “It would make me so happy if we could have fresh flower arrangements in our house.” There are 50/50 odds they’ll get the hint.
  5. Give it another go, ensuring that your message is received loud and clear. Look directly into their eyes, maintain a serious face, and express yourself. “Getting flowers holds deep meaning for me. It would bring me immense joy if you have one floral arrangement delivered to me each month. To assist you, I’ve added a reminder to your calendar.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. Wintertime means it’s dark so much of the time and flowers cheer you up
  2. You didn’t score Beyoncé tickets and it’s making you feel bummed
  3. Your in-laws stayed with you all weekend and you got through it
  4. You wanted your kids to buy you flowers but they forgot
  5. You’re not feeling well and flowers would help you get through it
  6. You’ve been listening to Adele and she inspired you
  7. Your space deserves it after a hectic kid’s birthday party
  8. You finally cut off that problematic ex
  9. Your hair looks perfect and you want to make your day even better
  10. You purged all those clothes you don’t need and feel lighter
  11. You managed to get through yet another heated HOA meeting
  12. Adulting is all you’ve been doing and it’s time for a break
  13. You changed a flat tire on your own and feel accomplished
  14. You stuck to your hydration regimen for an entire month
  15. You finished painting the walls in your house
  16. You are finally getting that staycation sans children you need
  17. You sun sign has arrived on the zodiac calendar
  18. You are feeling down because you finished an amazing show
  19. You book club is coming over for a meeting
  20. You started a yoga routine and are sticking to it

There’s no need to count the days until February 14 for a delightful surprise in the form of a flower arrangement that makes you smile. The experienced team at Neubauer’s Flowers in Uniontown, Pennsylvania knows this well, and we’re here to provide you with expert advice on embracing a year-round abundance of flowers, simply because.