Neubauers Flowers

Neubauers Flowers

Posted by neubauers on December 1, 2020 | Last Updated: February 9, 2021 In The News

Neubauer’s Annual Christmas Open House 2020

Steve Neubauer from Neubauer’s Flowers is visited by the Pittsburgh Today Live news team to showcase the flower shop’s annual Christmas Open House 2020, which took place from November 9th to 13th. Watch Steve and Mikey Hood as they walk around in a Christmas wonderland full of colorful ornaments, lights, trees, gifts, and more!

Steve Neubaurer and Mikey Hood Filming Inside Neubauer's Flowers & Market Place

Video: Steve Neubauer and Mikey Hood Filming Inside Neubauer’s Flowers & Market House

Video: It’s a Christmas Wonderland! Watch to see more Xmas goodies at Neubauer’s Christmas Open House 2020

Video: Steve and Mikey Hood from PTL are preparing for Nuebaurer’s Flowers Annual Chrismas Open House.