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Posted by neubauers on May 7, 2018 | Last Updated: July 9, 2018 Floral Design flower gifts Mother's Day

Meet Our Mom & Floral Designer

In honor of Mother’s Day, Neubauer’s Flowers is shining the spotlight on one of our own marvelous moms, who offers her insight into the flowers you should give the mamas in your life this May 13.

Name: Amy Karpiak 

Kids first names & ages: Meg 28, Cody 23

How did you get into floral work?   

My first time working at a flower shop was in 1985. I worked at a small shop in a mall. My mother had a love for gardening and flower arranging, and I thought I’d give it try. I loved it!

What do you love most about working with flowers?

What I love most about working with flowers is that they just make people happy. Whatever the occasion, when someone receives a floral gift, they bring happiness or comfort. 

Favorite flower?



If you design, do you have a signature style? Are you known for any specific approach or preference? 

I don’t really have a signature style. My favorite kind of vase to make is a garden mix, which is a beautiful blend of all kinds of flowers that look freshly picked from the yard!

What do you love most about being a mom? 

Family is the most important thing to me! My kids, who are now adults, are my greatest accomplishments. I’m so proud of them and the lives they are building for themselves. Being a mother and seeing your children happy and successful is the most rewarding!

What do your kids think about what you do? Are they into flowers?

My kids have always been very supportive of whatever I do, and they have received the benefits of having a mother who is a florist when it comes to prom, impressing a girl or just having something beautiful to give to someone. My daughter does have a love for flowers and is very creative also!

What flowers or flower design do moms really want for Mother’s Day, from your point of view? Speaking as both a mom and a flower expert? If you could pick one design from your selection to receive yourself, which would it be?

I think most mothers are just so happy to receive flowers that the design doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that they were selected by someone who loves them very much. I know my kids would select Clarice.  It’s a beautiful garden mix in a vase that gives you that just picked from the garden feel!

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