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Posted by neubauers on January 29, 2018 | Last Updated: December 29, 2020 Flowers

Beautiful Bouquets For Valentine’s Day

At Neubauer’s Flowers, we’re steeped in Valentine’s Day’s signature flower, the red, red rose, with its seemingly infinite swirls of petals and distinct perfume. There’s simply no flower more equipped to express our love, passion, and affection than the red rose, whose crimson color is suggestive of abiding love. And yet every rose is gorgeous, in our view, and when you bring together a whole palette of them, you’re able to refine your message even further.

A collection of multi-colored roses is not only cheerful, bright, and full of interest, but it reflects the manifold reasons you might have for loving someone. In the case of our Mixed Dozen Roses, yellow roses signify friendship, for instance. Awash of baby’s breath adds texture and lifts up the main event, a cluster of rainbow roses that show just how rich your love is.


It’s important to start thinking in advance about what floral arrangements you’ll spend and on whom. What we like about an arrangement that shows variety is that it can work for several of the people you love in your life, from your sweetheart to your daughter to your best friend. Think outside the box this Valentine’s Day and embrace a bouquet that feels a little more modern than the rest.