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Posted by neubauers on December 9, 2017 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas Gifts Holidays

Three Festive Gifts From Our Guide

Consider our Holiday Gift Guide – a curated collection of the season’s best blooms, vivid greens and more – our gift to you.

We at Neubauer’s Flowers have been hard at work on our holiday designs and loving how this time of year calls for bold color and texture, the addition of natural accents and a sense of whimsy and play. Flowers are inspired and magical this time of year, which you’ll see in our guide. For now, here are three gifts we love from it.

  1. Cornelius The Snowman
    This jolly little fella would be the perfect gift for your kid’s teacher – or your kid! And no, we didn’t shrink the flowers: those are mini carnations, snowball poms, tiny pine cones and snippets of greenery. Sprouting from a smiling snowman and capped off with his hat, this little beauty is as pretty (and fragrant!) as it is fun.
  2. Christmas Light Centerpiece
    Yes, you can offer a centerpiece as a gift. It’s likely that even if it doesn’t make it to the main table, your recipient has several others that need adorning (or even a mantel). We love this centerpiece as a gift because its scale is just right. The pine falls beautifully under the seasonal ribbon, punctuated by red carnations and gathered around a simple candle.
  3. Festive Lantern
    A true showstopper like this can certainly be delivered to a family member or a friend, but you may end up just keeping it for yourself. A lush display of pine, roses, pine cones, and red berry decoration support an adorable keepsake lantern. The lantern houses a battery-powered candle, a practical addition.

There’s plenty more floral designs in our guide’s pages, so get yourself in the gift-giving spirit and send some holiday flowers.