Neubauers Flowers

Neubauers Flowers

Posted by neubauers on December 22, 2017 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Winter Flowers

Pretty Fun Winter Flowers

You may not know it, but many flowers thrive during winter. Roses, amaryllis, lilies . . . the list of lovely blooms goes on, making it easy to find a beautiful bouquet to give to someone special, whether it’s your grandmother’s birthday or your daughter’s debut in The Nutcracker.

The point is, winter is not the time to stop having fun with flowers, given that there’s such an infinite variety of blooms available in a range of colors. Neubauer’s Flowers is having a field day with all of them.

The palette picks up in winter, too. You can go the red-and-green route, sure, but it’s also possible to express a lot through an all-white scheme, as colorless blooms keep the eye focused on texture and the interplay between the various shades. Personally, we like a blend of both, as in our Wintertime Mason Jar.

This sweet clutch of red and white blooms is accented with winterberry and greens and set in a glittery red Mason jar. It’s all decked out with a holiday bow, too. Similarly, ourĀ Woodsy The Snowman design would make a great winter flower gift for an adult or a child. It could function as a centerpiece, given its shape, or find a home on the kitchen counter, where everyone can delight in it.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy the range of richly-hued flowers and interesting greens available during this season, both bringing them into your home and giving them to those you love.