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Get Ready to Celebrate International Women’s Day: Ideas and Activities

So, International Women’s Day has arrived! If you’re wondering how to make it as fire as possible, it’s all about you and what gets you excited. Whether you’re repping local love or celebrating global movers and shakers, both options have their benefits. At Neubauer’s Flowers in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, we’re all about hooking up the queens and allies giving us life with fresh blooms. It gives props to IWD’s mission, honoring the amazing women who come from all walks of life. But hey, there’s more than one way to make an impact on this holiday.

Organize a Fundraiser

Raising money for International Women’s Day is a major flex. Whether you’re all in for educational charities, gender equality warriors, or global game-changers, this is your time to let them shine. Your funds can help these non-profits empower women and allies in ways that matter, no cap. Money speaks volumes and is essential to good causes that help so many people. When you host events to support your fundraising efforts, add flower arrangements to the venue for a serious glow-up; fresh blooms take the ambiance to a whole new level.

Host a Party

International Women’s Day is all about making waves, but having fun is a part of it, too. That’s why we’re here for throwing a party. It’s perfect for laughing, getting amped, and having fun with your BFFs. It’s also a chance for your friends to meet each other and expand their network – a total win! You can make the party all about shouting out everyone’s gains from the past year or focus on an international issue people care about. Turn up your favorite Spotify playlist, put out a tasty spread, and set out vases of fresh flowers to make your space super sophisticated.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

It’s time to link up with your friends and enjoy a delicious meal to celebrate International Women’s Day like true queens. Pick out a restaurant run by women and their supporters, where every dollar you spend supports their grind – the right flex for the holiday! You’re giving them business and leveling up their bank balances, which we’re totally here for. Whether at Sunday brunch, hustling at a power lunch, or living your best life with a bougie dinner, it’s all about soaking up good energy over bomb food.

Set Personal Goals

This International Women’s Day, turn the spotlight on yourself and set some new personal goals. Take a moment to figure out your dream and make a plan to manifest it. Whether it’s personal things or professional ambitions, set your intention to get exactly what you want. Maybe you need to prioritize self-care or be kinder to yourself. Either way, get pumped about leveling up your health and treating yourself like royalty. When you know what you’re worth and stay on point with your priorities, you inspire others, and that’s what’s up.

Send Flowers

Sending someone a fresh bouquet of blooms is low key one of the best ways to show your love. They make any space look fresh, elevate the vibe, and make everyone feel good. So, on International Women’s Day, send a floral delivery to anyone who’s played a part in your personal glow-up. Whether it’s your female family members who have been there through thick and thin, the BFFs who’ve always had your back, or the allies who stan you no matter what, let them know they’re appreciated. Spreading that gratitude is the way to go on IWD.

From brunching together to throwing purposeful parties, International Women’s Day is the time to get amped with the women and allies you admire. However you’re celebrating, don’t forget to add some beauty with a bouquet from Neubauer’s Flowers — the perfect way to really bring the elegance.

Honor International Women's Day