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Discover the Beauty of Hanging Planters

It’s the season for blooms – flowers, plants, and all of Mother Nature’s greenery coming to life in a spectacular display of color. It’s so wonderful, you may be thinking you’d like to have some of it indoors as well. Well, good news! You can have a garden anywhere – even inside your home, and without taking up any floor or counter space. Here at Neubauer’s Flowers,  we love all things plant and flowers related so we’ve put together a few tips to about the wonderful and versatile hanging planters.

Hanging Basket of Flowers

What Are Hanging Planters?

Hanging planters are plants that suspend off the floor and hang from either the ceiling or the top of a porch or even from a tree branch in your backyard. They are a different and stylish way of displaying blooming or green plants in a manner that takes up very little space. Plus, each hanging planter can be decorated how you prefer allowing you to flex your creative muscles. You can choose the type of container, the type of plant, the type of hanging material – from chains to ropes, there’s a lot of flexibility in how you want your hanging planter to look.

Hanging Planter in Bedroom

Cool Indoor Hanging Planters

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of decorative containers you can choose from as well as material for the hanger to fit any space in your home. Create a collection of similar styles or mix it up with a variety of different materials and colors. Hanging planters are a great way to express your personal sense of style with something that is fresh and healthy for your home.

Decorative Hanging Baskets

Cool Outside Hanging Planters

From decorating a small porch to a larger backyard space, hanging planters can be small touches of color or larger statement pieces. Larger iron baskets or large ceramic pots can hold bigger flourishing plants with even multiple kinds of plants to create a dramatic flair. Outside hanging planters can be hung from tree limbs, fences, posts, or porches to create a cool and interesting hanging garden effect.

Cascading Hanging Plants

Taking Care of Hanging Planters

Indoor and outdoor hangers both have the same needs: plenty of water and fertilizer. For indoor plants, a drainage tray or pan is helpful for preventing water leaking from the pots, as is a long-neck watering can. The air tends to be drier in the homes, so indoor plants may need more moisture. For outdoor plants, the wind can cause plants to dry out quicker, so those too will need to be monitored on a regular basis. It’s always a good ideas to following the direction for the type of plant you have but also if the soil is dry to the touch, then more water is needed.

Butterfly Basket

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