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Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time to add the brilliant golds, oranges, yellows and reds of the season to your outdoor décor. As the entrance to the home, your front porch beckons guests to come inside. Adding fresh fall flowers in interesting containers is an easy way to let the neighborhood know that fall is finally here!

Let the floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers make suggestions for creating an amazing autumn display for your front porch. They work hard to make your decorating needs both entertaining and easy. By updating your front porch to reflect the fall season, you may be inspired to add autumn colors to other areas of your home.

Some Great Reasons to Decorate Your Porch For Fall

Decorating for any holiday is an important practice. It helps you and those around you get in touch with changes that come from a new season. By decorating your front porch for fall, you’ll not only feel inspired yourself, but you might also just inspire the whole neighborhood! Here are a few great reasons you’ll want to update your front porch’s look this fall:

  • Inspire Your Neighbors: Your neighbors will love the new look of your front porch when you add fall flowers and decor. Send them a beautiful bouquet to get them started on their own front porch. Soon your whole block will be ready for autumn.
  • Create Curb Appeal: There’s nothing like passing by a well-dressed home that’s beautifully decorated. Add gorgeous curb appeal to your home when the front porch is full of chrysanthemums and sunflowers.
  • Have a Welcoming Entrance: Make guests feel right at home before they even walk in the door. Cozy and comforting, your collection of fall-inspired decor and blooms will make them want to stick around for a cup of hot cocoa on your beautiful front porch.
  • Anticipate the Holidays: As we begin to see pumpkins, cornstalks, and bales of hay, we realize that turkeys and Christmas trees aren’t far behind. Help your friends, family, and neighbors start to feel the anticipation of the upcoming holidays when they view your fall-ready front porch.

Choose Festive Fall Containers for your Front Porch Florals

Fall Beauty Bouquet

The fall flowers you display can only be enhanced by the fun, rustic containers you choose to place them in on your front porch. Choose natural materials that evoke feelings of harvest time for an authentic fall look. Here are a few examples:

  • Baskets: Opt for baskets over plastic, ceramic or glass containers to soften the look of your fall floral arrangements. A beautiful kalanchoe plant or large chrysanthemum plant makes a beautiful porch addition.
  • Galvanized Metal Buckets: Metal tubs or buckets make great containers for rustic-looking displays like our Harvesting Tin Bouquet and our Fall Beauty Bouquet, or for larger blooming plants like lavender or hydrangea.
  • Wooden Crates: Stack wooden apple crates in a pleasing display, then fill the spaces with small pots of daisies, petunias, and mini-pumpkins.
  • Wagon: A little red wagon is a collector’s dream. Pile your variety of pumpkins high in the bed of your wagon or line with a lovely fall blanket for a softer look.

Find Naturally Fresh Fall Inspiration

Fall Fabrics

Adding a few unexpected touches to your porch’s fall display will bring a sense of creativity and liveliness to the entire scene. Here are a few examples to think about, or be inspired to create your own designs!

  • Wreaths: Front door wreaths are a fast, easy update for any new season. Choose something made from dried corn, mini pumpkins, or cotton for a delightful fall design. Wooden signs within the wreath or fall fabrics like burlap make great accents, too.
  • Garland: Drape a long, lush green garland around the frame of your front door for a woodsy autumn feel. Lace fall ribbon or twine among the boughs for a more rustic, less holiday look.
  • Painted Pumpkins: Instead of carving pumpkins, make them last longer by painting them! Choose a color scheme to stick with and create elaborate designs, or pair painted pumpkins with other fall colors on your porch.
  • Fabrics: Along with beautiful fall flowers and rich textures, add fabrics like floor mats, throw pillows and blankets on your porch furniture to tie the entire look together. You’ll be cozied up with a cup of hot cocoa, enjoying a cool fall evening in no time.

There are so many options when decorating your porch for the fall season! You may want to change your look every year or find something perfect to display year after year. Either way, the floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers strongly encourage you to include living plants and flowers in your scene, as these will bring a fresh, inviting feel to your look. Talk to us for more great decorating ideas and enjoy the process of transforming your front porch into a harvest scene!