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Choose Fresh and Fabulous This Fall

Fall is a wonderful time for enjoying cooler temperatures, changing colors of leaves, and warm, creamy drinks like hot cocoa and pumpkin lattes. At Neubauer‘s Flowers, we’re especially looking forward to introducing our fall collection to you. Nature delivers some of the most beautiful flowers during the fall season and we are using them to create some amazing and unique designs. Take a look at our beautiful collection and choose a fabulous fall floral design or blooming plant to send anyone in the Uniontown area, or keep some for yourself to decorate for fall.

Choose From Among Seasonal Blooms

Spring and summer are not the only times that flowers bloom into brilliant colors and textures. The fall season has so much to offer and we are excited to share the beautiful florals from the season with you. Some of the superstars of the season include asters, marigolds, lavender, dahlias, sunflowers, and hyssop. Don’t let fall pass you by without enjoying some or all of these amazing blooms this season.

Choose From Our Fall Favorites

The perfect flower to represent the transition from summer to fall, the majestic sunflower will enhance and enliven any room in your home. Our Abundance arrangement features beautiful mini-sunflowers perfectly gathered in this elegant yet simple design. Accents of bear grass and other fresh foliage give this design a natural look, while the rope-handled wire cage vase lends a rustic charm that’s perfect for fall.

Bring the season of fall indoors with our Autumn Tweed arrangement that celebrates the rich, bold colors of Autumn. Orange spray roses and orange daisies are complemented with green hypericum berries for a perfect fall accent. Rich textures and colors abound in this design, from berries and fall petals to a fall-colored tweed ribbon adorning the clear glass vase. It’s the perfect way to welcome the beauty of the fall season!

Fresh, delicate roses in the rich hues of the fall are the perfect way to decorate your table this season. Our gorgeous Terracotta Rose arrangement is comprised of two dozen stunning multicolored roses beautifully gathered into a decorative terracotta vase. Gorgeous fall foliage accents the beauty of these fresh roses, while touches of moss lend a fall forest feel. Let these beauties dress up your home or send as a thoughtful fall gift this season!

Choose To Send Fall Flowers

Fall flowers make an excellent gift for anyone who might need a quick pick-me-up, a celebratory tribute or special flowers for a formal event. Weddings and other special events are the perfect places for fall flowers because their deep colors and rich textures lend themselves to sophisticated elegance. If you know someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary during September or October, sending them flowers that represent their special month is a beautiful way to honor them and make them feel special. However, we think the best reason to send flowers is for no reason at all! Send “Just Because” flowers to someone who needs a little extra encouragement or inspiration this season and fill their heart with joy.

Choose Fall Flowers For Yourself!

Fall flowers are just the thing for you! Add a festive element to your home decor, office environment, or front porch setting when you include beautiful fall flowers throughout your surroundings. Amazing dahlias, marigolds, stalks of lavender and heather as well as sunflowers and daisies all make beautiful decorations and invite autumn to visit your space.

Whether you’re updating your decor or choosing a gift for someone else, make sure fall flowers are included. To complete the celebration of this beautiful season, talk to the floral designers at Neubauer’s Flowers about more great ways to enjoy fall to its fullest. We’re here to help you make this season spectacular.