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The allure of flowers lies in their elegant, bright, natural, or exotic appearances as well as their histories and meanings. Orchids are one of these blooming plants that have a remarkable backstory to mirror their physical attractiveness and beautiful symbolism. When you dive into the history of this breathtaking bloom, you’ll learn that Dendrobium orchids were a main ingredient in ancient Chinese medicine and vanilla orchids were thought to bring strength and power to the Aztecs. 

The symbolism of orchids is parallel to their noteworthy and remarkable history. In China, the meaning of Cymbidium orchids reflects integrity and friendships, and are often sent to friends as a popular gift. Today, orchids prove to be a meaningful gift for almost any occasion or celebration of life’s moments. Learn why as our flower experts here at Neubauer’s Flowers, the top florist in Uniontown, share the intriguing symbolism behind orchids.

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Symbolism of Orchids


In ancient Greece, orchids were seen as a connection to fertility. The Greeks looked at the size of tuberous roots in orchids to predict if a mother would give birth to a boy or a girl. Today, orchids, especially pink orchids, remain a symbol of fertility and are a great gift for growing families and celebrating newborn babies.


As you learn about each orchid meaning and the symbolism behind this wonderful flower, you may agree that this bloom is simply charming. With a rich history of stories and symbolism perfect to help you celebrate a variety of life’s little moments, we love the orchid’s charm.


What can be more lovely than a beautiful yet rare flower? According to history, not much. As the orchid fit this description throughout history, it became a known symbol of love. Orchids today, especially purple, lavender, pink, and red orchids remain a symbol of admiration, elegance, romance, and passion.


As orchids are a symbol of beauty, they prove to be the perfect gift for those you see as truly beautiful from the inside out. Although all orchids are a representation of beauty, blue orchids and white orchids are especially meaningful as these colors mean rare, unique, elegant, pure, and beautiful. Europe was one of the first countries to uphold orchids to such a high status and give this bloom such symbolism.


The Victorian Era’s upper class influenced the symbolism of orchids as their deep obsession for these blooms reflected having a refined taste. Today, purple orchids represent admiration and royalty, and orchids, overall, symbolize refinement. These breathtaking blooms, once coveted by the richest in England, are perfect tokens for your very own “king” or “queen.”


Selecting and sending magnificent flowers to loved ones is a thoughtful act itself. However, this awe-inspiring bloom isn’t as common as lilies, peonies, roses, or daisies, and therefore looked at as rare, unique, and special. It takes an extra layer of thoughtfulness to choose orchids for your sweetheart. If you’re looking to go the extra mile for that really special someone, find breathtaking blue orchids.

Orchids might be the perfect bloom to help celebrate your next special occasion. From its inspiring symbolism to the rich history, your friends, family, or significant other will admire more than just this flower’s elegant beauty. Find the freshest and most divine orchids here at Neubauer’s Flowers.