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How to Personalize Your Mother’s Day Gift with Spring Flowers

As Mother’s Day gets closer and closer on our calendars, you may be wondering how to best honor some of the most influential and impactful women in your life, whether they are your mother or another maternal figure that you’re lucky enough to call a friend or family member. Each of these moms is wonderful and special in her own way, just like the flowers we appreciate the most. And, every mama deserves a personalized bouquet to celebrate her one-of-a-kind way of moving through the world. So without further ado, behold: The experts here at Neubauer’s Flowers — the best flower shop in Uniontown, Pennsylvania — have carefully put together a list of flowers paired with iconic mom archetypes. Each one pays homage the amazing moms in our lives, from the plant mom to the new mom.

The Workout Mom

The workout mom is truly a force to be reckoned with, characterized by her determination and strength. She’s committed to remaining as healthy as possible, and knows that her daily workout is the cornerstone of that wellness. So on Mother’s Day, we suggest gifting her with a bountiful bouquet of lilies; those with vibrant orange petals speak to her courage and pride, while yellow lilies bring friendship and happiness in to the equation. That makes them a fitting and ideal selection to celebrate the mom who works hard to stay healthy and fit — and to always be there, setting an excellent and healthy example for her children, family, friends, and community.

The PTA Mom

The PTA mom is known for being selfless in the name of her children’s educational pursuits. She is always ready to volunteer when she’s needed, and giving back to her community is her second nature. That’s why she deserves a bouquet that’s as elegant, refined, and impactful as she is on Mother’s Day. Tulips, with their various and vibrant hues, will allow you to customize a bouquet that’s right in line with her distinct personality and style. They symbolize charity, a characteristic the PTA mom is all too familiar with, Their grace, freshness, and beauty make them an ideal Mother’s Day flower to show your PTA mom just how much she is respected and admired.

The New Mom

The new mom comes in many iterations, but at her core she is a woman experiencing the indescribable and all-consuming love and devotion that comes with first-time motherhood. Carnations, then, are the most fitting flower for her, as they pay homage to the one-of-a-kind love that mothers have for their children. Pair carnations with with baby’s breath for an especially sweet and tender touch, as these flowers will bring love and light into the new mom’s world. This arrangement will remind any new mother that no matter how trying times can be, the super long nights and often exhausting days are so very worth it.

The Coffee Mom

The coffee mom, seldom spotted sans her requisite cup of joe, is always ready for whatever the day throws her way, thanks to her affinity for caffeine. She also is known for having a bit of a bohemian flair. Spray roses, then with their cheery pastel tones and whimsical shape, will remind her of her favorite local coffee shop, where she thrives on the buzz. These flowers will also usher in excitement and bring comfort to the coffee mom’s day, just like her beverage of choice. Indeed, such a bouquet is a thoughtful way to thank your mom for her dedication to being present, perky, and ready for whatever the “mom life” has in store for her.

The Plant Mom

The plant mom is happier when she is surrounded by nature, letting her green thumb do what it does best. She is undoubtedly the master of both her garden and her collection of interior plants, and would sincerely appreciate a stunning arrangement with azaleas front and center — a fresh flowering plant that celebrates her love of all things green while also adding to her extensive collection of houseplants or garden blooms. Azaleas are a salute to everything that plant moms strive to be, symbolizing femininity, gentleness, and natural beauty.

No matter what type of mama you have been blessed with, there is a dazzling bouquet that will hit the mark every time. So be sure to take the time to create the perfect Mother’s Day arrangement with a breathtaking and bountiful bouquet from Neubauer’s Florist here in Uniontown. It’s a great way to show your gratitude for her compassion, kindness, support, and deep reservoir of love and affection.