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Neubauers Flowers

Posted by neubauers on November 19, 2018 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas Flower Ideas Flowers Holidays

Holiday Flowers To Bring The Spirit To Work

We always embrace the year’s new holiday trends, whether it’s rainbow trees or projectors that make it look like it’s snowing on your garage. But we also love the classic, traditional decor of the holidays, which are just around the corner. As you begin to think about how you might deck out your own home for Thanksgiving and beyond, give a little thought as to how you might bring the same level of cheer to your office.

It’s still early, but your co-workers will appreciate a little nod to the season, especially as we approach Thanksgiving. OurĀ Gathering Cube is the perfect transition piece between Turkey Day and the December holidays. It’s got those cheerful yet rustic harvest fixtures, sunflowers. It’s got a touch of raffia and a swirl of green. Then it’s got winter’s deep red roses, a suggestion of what is to come. Pose this at an entryway desk or in a common space at work and you’ll be doing your part to set the tone for the season.

As November rolls on, we’ll bring you plenty of seasonal floral decor to dress up your home, from centerpieces to flower designs to poinsettias and more. There’s much to look forward to this month.