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Expressing Love with Statement Flowers For Him on Valentine’s Day

As behavioral research shows, everyone appreciates fresh flowers regardless of background, age, or gender. They’re scientifically proven to elevate our mood, promote well-being, and strengthen our bonds with loved ones. Blooms also enhance the ambiance of indoor spaces, creating a welcoming atmosphere that fosters togetherness and meaningful connections. When you consider the nostalgic ties many people have to childhood flowers, the case for gifting your partner a Valentine’s Day bouquet becomes clear. At Neubauer’s Flowers in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, we’re eager to assist you in selecting the ideal arrangement for your sweetie because every man deserves the beauty of flowers.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are a sought-after choice for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, thanks to their extensive color range, including bright reds, vibrant yellows, and deep oranges. This broad spectrum allows you to convey a meaningful message through the language of colors, or simply select his favorite hue. Interestingly, gerbera daisies were the blooms used in a research study documenting their capacity to sharpen men’s communication skills, resulting in clearer body language and more enthusiastic eye contact.


Anthuriums are famed for their resilience, making them a long-lasting and intelligent choice for flower arrangements. Their ability to stay bright and fresh symbolizes the enduring love in your relationship as you walk through life together. Anthuriums are also perfect for Valentine’s Day floral designs because of their classic colors, from bold reds to clean whites and soft pinks. Paired with their unmistakable heart shape, anthuriums perfectly convey the sentiment, “I love you.”

Birds of Paradise

To infuse an adventurous spirit into your significant other’s Valentine’s Day bouquet, let the bird of paradise take center stage. Although this choice may diverge from the typical, its exuberant energy is bound to strike a chord with him, especially if he enjoys thinking outside the box. Moreover, the tropical character of the bird of paradise, coupled with its vibrant yellow, orange, and purple hues, often appeals to men. These bright blooms are hard to resist, bringing a sense of positivity and joy to floral designs.

Red Roses

Roses, especially red roses, hold a special place as one of the world’s most beloved flowers. They have long been associated with romance, dating back countless years. Red roses are a beautiful way to express appreciation, admiration, and deep respect for your partner. Their lush petals and enchanting fragrance make them a universal favorite among flower aficionados, as well as a common sight in art. When you consider all these factors, it’s clear why gifting your partner fresh red roses is a wonderful idea on Valentine’s Day.


Orchids — especially tranquil white varieties — are well known for their calming nature, but their diversity includes many colors and meanings. There are thousands of tropical orchids, each with their own colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. You can choose a single variety or combine two or more to create a personalized message using color and symbolic meaning. For your partner’s Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, red orchids are our suggestion to convey romance and devotion, although all orchids are meaningful and beautiful.

Flowers are an excellent choice for your partner on Valentine’s Day, and with good reason: They express your love for him, improve his health, and show him that he gets to be spoiled sometimes. Reach out to us at Neubauer’s Flowers to craft a bouquet that will hit all the high notes.

60% of men would love to receive a bouquet of blooms