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Be a Great Gift-Giver for your Thanksgiving Hostess

As Thanksgiving approaches this month, we look forward to time spent with loved ones, enjoying the abundance of a traditional meal and reflecting on everything we’re thankful for. If you are among the lucky ones invited as a guest to a Thanksgiving celebration, consider yourself blessed. Then begin to give some thought to what you’ll bring as a hostess gift because showing up empty-handed simply is not an option.

The professionals at Neubauer’s Flowers can show you some excellent hostess gifts that anyone will love, whether your celebration is formal or casual, friends or relatives. Be the guest that shines and make sure you get invited back next year with these great tips and ideas.

Why You Should Bring a Hostess Gift

Not only is it traditional to bring a hostess gift to dinner whenever you’re invited, but it’s also basic etiquette. However, there’s another great reason to think about a gift for your host or hostess this Thanksgiving. This holiday involves serving a lot of people a pretty large meal. That takes planning, cooking, cleaning and decorating. Your hostess has been working hard to bring everyone together, so it’s only appropriate to give a token of your appreciation. After all, showing our gratitude is what Thanksgiving is all about, right?

What Friendsgiving Is and How to Thank your Host

glass of white wine on thanksgiving table

Wine Glasses or Thanksgiving Wine

This new holiday, though commonly (and mistakenly) associated with the 90s hit TV show Friends, actually came into existence several years after the show stopped airing. Blending a fun get-together with friends and a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner, Friendsgiving is usually held the weekend or two before Thanksgiving. Your host or hostess may be excited about surrounding themselves with close friends, but check in to make sure they have everything they need to pull the meal together. If not, here are some great gifts that will help the day run smoothly.

  • Serving Utensils: In case they don’t have all the cheese knives, pie spatulas and wooden spoons they need, gift your hostess with a cute set of decorative serving tools they can use right away.
  • Extra Drinks and Ice: An extra bottle or two of wine can be saved for later if your hostess doesn’t need it now. But there will always be a need for ice. Be sure to bring ice. Trust us- your hostess will be so thankful you thought of it.
  • Containers for Leftovers: Usually hosting a big meal means planning what to serve, where to put it, and where everyone will sit. Your hostess may not have thought ahead about what to do with all the leftovers, so gift her with a set of new plastic containers and lids so she can store them easily.

For your In-Laws, Go Classy

orange, red and yellow fall flowers in drink mugs

Fall Party Bouquet

Dinner at your in-laws’ home doesn’t need to be a source of stress for you or them. Start the day off right when you arrive with a classy gift in hand they’ll love. Something beautiful, something personal, or something useful will always be acceptable and can ease everyone’s nerves from the very start.

  • Stylish flowers and mugs: Give your hostess an updated version of a bouquet of flowers with our Fall Party. Sweet fall flowers in reusable mugs on a serving tray is all sorts of useful and beautiful at the same time.
  • Monogrammed tea towels: A lovely set of tea towels for their kitchen with their monogram embossed on them is a lovely option. Your in-laws are sure to be delighted.
  • A Framed Photo: Update their photo collection with a framed picture of your family. They’ll love having new photos of you and it will solidify your connection as a family.

Keep It Fun for a Traditional Host

peach, red and yellow fall flowers in tin box

Harvesting Tin Bouquet

If you’ll be attending a more traditional Thanksgiving with relatives you know and love, consider bringing a hostess gift that lightens her load and enhances the day for all of her guests. Here are a few ideas to inspire your own:

  • Fresh Flowers: A beautiful floral design like our Harvesting Tin is a gorgeous addition to any home. Your hostess can put it anywhere in the house and she’ll love the fresh, fall update.
  • Family Fun: A new family-friendly game will bring everyone together and help you create new memories. Find a conversational game or choose something that can involve everyone easily.
  • Treats for Pets: If your hostess has pets, she’ll be grateful that you thought of them and brought them a special toy or treat, too.

However, you plan to celebrate your Thanksgiving, bring a fun, festive or meaningful gift to your hostess to set the right tone. Show your appreciation and let your host or hostess know how much their hard work means to you. For more creative or unique ideas, talk to the gift experts at Neubauer’s Flowers. We’re here to help you choose the perfect gift each and every time. Be grateful for excellent Thanksgiving hosts and tell them what they mean to you this year.