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🦃 Thanksgiving Gift & Floral Guide 🍁

Thanksgiving is the holiday of the year for many people. With delicious roast turkey and large portions of various other succulent and rich foods shared with family and friends, it’s the only holiday that is centered around the abundance of food and eating with loved ones. Enjoying each other’s company, eating enormous quantities of food, and making merry without the obligation of presents or formality of religious-based holidays is probably why people love Thanksgiving so much. Here at Neubaurer’s Flowers, we love it so much we’ve written numerous blog posts about this great holiday which we’ve assembled for you here. Also, be sure to check out our selection of hand-crafted Thanksgiving arrangements made with fresh, stunning, seasonal flowers. Enjoy!

Be a Great Gift-Giver for Your Thanksgiving Hostess

As Thanksgiving approaches this month, we look forward to time spent with loved ones, enjoying the abundance of a traditional meal and reflecting on everything we’re thankful for.

Hosting Thanksgiving? Here’s How to Set That Table

This year, instead of driving yourself and your family crazy creating the perfect Thanksgiving, consider finding ways to enjoy the day and the people in your life with a simplified meal that allows you to relax with the people you’re most thankful for.

A Bright Idea For a Fall Tablescape

There are tablescapes, and there are tablescapes–gorgeously designed table tops inspired by the season or the event at hand. Neubauer’s Flowers is here to offer our top tips on creating a cohesive design on your dining table in celebration of the season and in prep for its biggest holiday.