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Posted by neubauers on October 28, 2018 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Flowers Thanksgiving

A Bright Idea For A Fall Tablescape

There are tablescapes, and there are tablescapes–gorgeously designed table tops inspired by the season or the event at hand. Neubauer’s Flowers is here to offer our top tips on creating a cohesive design on your dining table in celebration of the season and in prep for its biggest holiday. But first things first: you’re going to need a centerpiece that sets the tone for the rest of the table.

Take a bright, modern approach to adorning your table with flowers and pick up Fall Party. This centerpiece is unique in that it has four parts, each one just as charming as the next. Here mums, dahlias and roses in harvest hues are put into four Thanksgiving-themed mugs. Line them all down the length of the table so that every guest gets his or her own centerpiece. Accompanied by greenery like silver dollar eucalyptus, these arrangements nod to the occasion and the season but aren’t overwrought or overdone.

With these chipper centerpieces on your table, you’ve got plenty of room to weave in more eucalyptus in the form of a garland. Nestle in votive candles in jewel-toned hues, or keep the look of your table serene white to match the clean feel of the mugs. Create some more visual interest with pieces of fruit mixed into your garland in colors that pick up on the vibrant tones of the flowers. This is a table you’ll have lots of fun designing.