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Shop our latest selection of sympathy plants.  Choose from Dishgardens, peace lilies and designed containers.

Sending plants as a sympathy gift from Neubauer's Flowers in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, is a heartfelt and enduring way to express condolences and offer comfort to those who are grieving. Plants, particularly green or flowering varieties, symbolize life, growth, and renewal, making them a thoughtful choice for honoring the memory of a loved one. Neubauer's Flowers takes pride in offering a selection of carefully curated sympathy plants that are not only visually appealing but also convey a message of hope and support.

Sympathy plants, such as peace lilies, azaleas, or snake plants, serve as a living tribute that can be nurtured and cared for in memory of the departed. These plants often come in elegant containers or baskets, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and making them a beautiful addition to any home or memorial service. By sending a sympathy plant from Neubauer's Flowers, you're offering a tangible symbol of comfort and healing, a reminder that life continues to flourish even in the face of loss. These plants provide a lasting connection to the memory of the departed and serve as a source of solace and strength for the bereaved during their time of mourning.

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