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Fun Gifts from the Heart for Your Favorite Guys and Girls

Do you remember looking forward to that one exciting day in grade school when you would exchange valentines with your classmates and teachers? Those colorful papers with trendy designs and TV characters read things like “You’re Cool,” “Thanks for being my friend,” and “Happy Valentine’s Day” and made us feel so special. If we were lucky, candy would even come with it, too! As children on Valentine’s Day, we learned about the many definitions of “love” and how to celebrate our friendships. From classmates and besties to our teachers, everyone was gifted a valentine. As adults, showing endearment to the “loves” in our lives looks like sending gifts, greeting cards, and, above all, fresh flower arrangements. Whether you want to swap the silly Valentine’s Day lollipops and puns for something sophisticated or are looking to complement a sweet and fun surprise, your friends here at Neubauer’s Flowers, the top florist in Uniontown, are sharing the perfect gift ideas for the guys, girls, neighbors, co-workers, and more.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Whether you remind your besties how much their friendship means to you or not, sending them a fantastic Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day arrangement is a fabulous way to celebrate your loving friendship. Because one dozen red roses sends a different kind of loving message, we suggest choosing the ideal symbolic stems to commemorate your sisterhood or brotherhood. Alstroemeria, cymbidium orchids, hydrangeas, and sunflowers signify loyalty, support, unity, admiration, loyalty, friendship, and family.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

Women always enjoy receiving a stylish and dreamy floral arrangement, especially on Galentine’s Day. Plan a fresh surprise waiting at home for them or a special delivery to their workplace. No matter what, they are sure to smile from ear to ear once their eyes meet the beautiful stems addressed just for them. Consider selecting a symbolic flower color to represent your friendship or relationship. For instance, green represents harmony and luck, blue signifies serenity and peace, yellow symbolizes positivity and friendship, and pink is connected to femininity and grace.

Gift Ideas for Men

The fellas in your life might expect another plaque for their desk, a subscription to a shaving club, or a brand-new set of golf balls. Floral arrangements are generally overlooked as gifts for men because of their connection to femininity and elegance. However, the floral experts are here to put an end to this myth and leave this idea in the past. The reality is most gentlemen would enjoy receiving flowers, especially hardy blooms like gerbera daisies or tropicals like orchids and birds of paradise.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day is also a time to celebrate other people’s love; for instance, a friend who is recently engaged, your sibling who is spending their first Valentine’s Day with a spouse, or a power couple you spend time with. As you search for the best gift for couples, don’t forget about a romantic bouquet of flowers, like white and red roses, carnations, or lilies. Then, pair this stunning arrangement with a gift that enhances their romantic evening. A bottle of wine, their favorite rom-com, a fluffy blanket, unique flavored popcorn, or tickets for an exciting night out are all fantastic ideas.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

There is nothing better than quality neighbors! The people living right next door, across the street, or down the road can always be there for us, whether it’s a cup of sugar or someone to keep an eye on the house during a weekend out of town. Over time, our neighbors can even become some of our closest friends. During the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, it’s a wonderful gesture to gift them a seasonal floral bouquet to thank them for being such great neighbors. Fill their hearts with love and appreciation and brighten their day with a bouquet of their favorite blooms or colors, or perhaps Valentine’s Day pinks to symbolize gratitude, grace, thoughtfulness, and joy.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Research has found that florals and plants can enhance productivity by 15%! Whether you work with women or men, a refreshing bouquet of fresh-cut stems will add a burst of color and happiness to their workspace while promoting a more efficient workday. Orange flowers, such as lilies, hibiscus, dahlias, birds of paradise, and gerbera daisies, are lively choices and represent enthusiasm, warmth, success, and passion for both work and life. What better way to honor Valentine’s Day than with exciting blooms for your co-workers?

Flower arrangements make the perfect gifts for all occasions, especially Valentine’s Day. Since they range in symbolic colors and can be luxurious or inexpensive, you can tailor and personalize various bouquets for each “love” in your life. Check out our magnificent collection of Valentine’s Day flowers here at Neubauer’s Flowers in Uniontown, PA.