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Posted by neubauers on August 13, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers

Celebrating Bee-Friendly Flowers

“The best things in life are free… but you can give them to the birds and bees…” -The Flying Lizzards

We think the best things in life- natural beauty, a fresh garden, beautiful smiles- are free and so enjoyable when you are purposeful about them. Enjoying farm-fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables in your own backyard is right near the top of the list. Bring birds, bees and other delightful creatures to your garden with brightly colored blooms, simple, single-petal flowers, fresh water and a bit of shade. Neubauer’s Flowers encourages you to add bee-friendly blooms and remove toxic pesticides as a recipe for success when creating a safe, natural environment right in your backyard.

Bring birds, bees and plenty of other helpful garden visitors to your backyard with daisies in every color. Our All About Daisy bouquet is perfect to display on an outdoor table or porch for a natural and beautiful way to encourage pollinators to stop by.

All About Daisy Uniontown, PA

Keep your garden and outdoor space natural and vibrant with simple blooms that attract bees and other important pollinators. Talk to the floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers about ways to include natural, organic choices that will draw some excellent garden visitors. We can offer tips, advice and some excellent options for you.