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Enhance Your Holiday Decor with Vibrant Red Plants and Flowers

During the cooler months of fall and winter, the best way to add warmth, vibrancy, and beauty to your home is with radiant red flowers! Let Mother Nature brighten your life with a wide variety of red-blooming plants and flowers… Read More about Enhance Your Holiday Decor with Vibrant Red Plants and Flowers »
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Inspired and Motivated

As the new year approaches, we tend to start to find ways to make small changes to our lives that will have an impact on our health, work and relationships. At Neubauer's Flowers, we think that having flowers in your daily life can accomplish all of these things. Here’s how: Flowers add creativity. when you surround yourself with color, your world becomes more imaginative and your mind opens up to new ideas. Place colorful flowers in your favorite hues wherever you work for a more creative outcome. Flowers keep you calm and healthy. Between their air-purifying that helps you breathe cleaner air and their leafy green foliage that has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, you will find yourself to be a more calm and productive person when you have flowers and living plants near you as you work. Flowers help you strengthen relationships. Having something to take care of beside yourself can make you a more compassionate, empathetic person which are great qualities to bring into any relationship. Take care of flowers and take care of the people around you as well. Read More about Inspired and Motivated »
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Pretty Fun Winter Flowers

You may not know it, but many flowers thrive during winter. Roses, amaryllis, lilies . . . the list of lovely blooms goes on, making it easy to find a beautiful bouquet to give to someone special, whether it's your grandmother's birthday or your daughter's debut in The Nutcracker. The point is, winter is not the time to stop having fun with flowers, given that there's such an infinite variety of blooms available in a range of colors. Neubauer's Flowers is having a field day with all of them. Read More about Pretty Fun Winter Flowers »
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