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Posted by neubauers on May 28, 2018 | Last Updated: July 9, 2018 flower gifts Flowers Gifts

A Bright Bouquet For The Bestie

The flowers we love for spring and summer make the perfect gift for a best friend, who you’ll want to be celebrating June 8. Why? That’s National Best Friend’s Day, an occasion reserved to honor our most precious of friendships and the people who embody them. Frankly, we here at Neubauer’s Flowers think exchanging floral gifts on this day could become a yearly tradition, along with going to brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails . . . Whatever floats your friendship boat.

We see Steve’s Selection as the best kind of design to offer in tribute to your bestie. It is bright and full of variety, qualities that also apply to the best of friendships. Impossibly upbeat, this selection is also a showcase of the season’s classic blossoms, and it all comes together in a natural style, set in a simple cylinder vase. This design speaks to the depth of your friendship as well as to its lighthearted spirit. Steve's Selection Uniontown, PA

However you decide to celebrate June 8, make flowers a part of it. There’s no better way to communicate how you feel to your most cherished of friends than to a) tell them and then b) hold out a gorgeous array of flowers, which often speak for us or underscore a message already given. In this case, the latter.