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Posted by neubauers on September 7, 2019 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Fall Floral Design Flowers Plants

Add the Beauty of Chrysanthemums to Your Home

As summer gives way to the cooler fall months, it’s exciting to find beautiful natural color and style everywhere you look. Chrysanthemums, a representative of the fall season, is one of our favorite fall flowers because they bring so much color and spirit to the autumn season. There are over 40 species and thousands of varieties of chrysanthemums available, all so different and unique from one another, it’s easy to choose something perfect for your own Uniontown home or garden. Take a look at a few of our favorite varieties here at Neubauer’s Flowers and learn a bit about adding or maintaining these beauties in your own garden.

Pompon Chrysanthemums

Pompon/Button Mums

Including the globe-like design of pompon mums in a fall design brings a structure and shape to your bouquet that also adds color. Pompons have a rounded head in which the short petals enclose the central disk, masking it from view. The smaller variety, known as button mums, can also add a flair to any floral design. Paired with other fall flowers in a rustic autumn design, as seen in our Shades of Fall design, poms and button mums lend texture and depth to beautiful fall designs.

Autumn Harvest

Daisy Mums

Resembling their namesake, daisy mums have a flat central disk that usually appears as yellow, brown or green. This disk is surrounded by short, symmetrical petals and often come in an array of colors. Neubauer’s Autumn Harvest blends daisy and pompon mums with other fall flowers and textures to create a festive seasonal design that will last throughout the fall season.

Growing Mums

Having your very own mums in your garden adds rich color and texture to the landscape of your home. Their beauty and fullness is unparalleled. For a full bed of chrysanthemums that last year after year, plant them in late spring or early summer. They’ll be ready to show off by autumn when the temperatures drop. As hardy as mums are, be sure they’re planted in nutrient-rich soil, in a sunny part of your garden, and receive lots of water. Check your drainage system as well- water-logged roots will not yield great blooms. As perennials, you can expect to see your gorgeous mums year after year when you plant them in a good area and care for them each growing season.

Add natural color and texture to your home’s fall landscape when you plant chrysanthemums in your garden. The beauty and color these fabulous flowers bring to your home’s fall look cannot be matched. Choose different varieties or complementary colors to create a unique look for your home. For more great tips about planting or caring for your mums, talk to the floral designers at Neubauer Flowers. We’re happy to share our expertise with you as you develop your beautiful garden or choose a floral design for your home’s fall decor.