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Neubauers Flowers

Posted by neubauers on December 3, 2018 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas

A Homecrafted Holiday

Along with being the “most wonderful,” it’s also the most creative time of the year, Neubauer’s Flowers would say. Just think about it: when we aren’t cooking, baking and creating in the kitchen, we’re busy designing with lights in our front yard, or dreaming up a colorful Christmas tree, or coming up with increasingly funny scenarios in which to place our Elves on the Shelf. We’re craftier than ever, wrapping presents, hanging garlands, making greeting cards. In that spirit, we’re offering you the perfect piece of tabletop decor AND some DIY fun to go along with it.

A floral centerpiece looks stunning on a dining table around which friends and family will gather to celebrate. But what about your kitchen table, coffee table, side tables? While you can go ahead and bring flowers to all of those spaces too, we love the idea of gracing at least one of them with our Tabletop Tannenbaum Tree. Why? They’ll last through the season, offer a wonderful fragrance AND leave you plenty of room to decorate them on your own. In fact, you can feel free to personalize this tree with your favorite ornaments.

What else can you do? Here’s a few more ideas:

  1. Make a popcorn-and-cranberry garland.
  2. Create mini ornaments that go with the scale of your tree.
  3. Craft a tree topper you can plant right down the middle (so it doesn’t go anywhere!)

Spend this Christmas making new traditions even while you enjoy the old. We believe the season should be about combining customs with new fresh ideas, including invigorating florals, greens and trees.