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Posted by neubauers on September 10, 2018 Plants

September Is Self-Care Awareness Month: Time To Get A Plant!

Often caring for something smaller or more delicate than ourselves can become an act of self-care when we realize how much we benefit from it. Bringing home a new plant, giving it the proper amount of sunshine and water, and tending to it as it grows are all ways to find yourself becoming more in tune with nature and in turn, yourself. Learning about yourself and becoming inspired by the care you give to something else can benefit your health and well-being in multiple ways. The floral experts at Neubauer’s Flowers know how important plant care can be in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.

A wonderful option for adding a natural element to your home or office is our Violet Tray. This natural wooden tray contains African violets and other lush greenery nestled among moss for a woodsy feel. Allow the variety of texture and color inspire your mind and refresh your senses.

Violet Tray Uniontown, PA

Finding ways to care for plants is a great step in growing as a person, learning yourself, and developing the skills necessary to care for others. When you give something your time and attention, you always gain something in return, like empathy or perspective. Neubauer’s Flowers have a wide variety of plant options for your next care-giving adventure.