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Posted by neubauers on August 4, 2018 Flowers

Make It A Living Room For Real

When it comes to decorating your home, certain rooms are designed to showcase your amazing personality and unique sense of style. Formal living rooms, for example, can have a dramatic flair that truly reveals who you are to your guests. Special artwork, memorabilia from your travels, or your rare book collection will find a home in a room like this. Neubauer’s Flowers recommends including a gorgeous arrangement of flowers to soften the ambiance yet reflect your style at the same time.

One stately piece that will not be ignored is our Bright & Beautiful Bouquet. This stunning arrangement features height, texture and an array of colors from a multitude of different blooms. Standing tall in a violet glass vase, this piece will draw attention and bring an added emphasis to any formal room in your home. Let a brilliant work of art like this piece accent an already lavishly decorated room, softening and lending life to the ambiance of your special space.

Bright & Beautiful Uniontown, PA

Use one of Neubauer’s Flowers’ statement pieces as you decorate your formal living room. This is the place to go bold, and nothing delivers a dazzling effect like a stunning, eye-catching bouquet of flowers that compliment your decor. Talk to our floral experts about the design that’s right for you.