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Neubauers Flowers

Posted by neubauers on July 23, 2018 Flowers

A Rose Festival & More Warm-Weather Flower Events

Neubauer’s Flowers sees no reason why you shouldn’t plan your next vacation around one attraction near and dear to our hearts: flowers.

Every spring and summer, cities and towns make a big deal out of whatever’s growing in their backyards, from California’s lavender and poppies to Texas’s bluebells and New York’s lilac. These local festivals and events go all out to celebrate their most beautiful assets, throwing parades, parties and other activities designed to attract visitors from near and far like, well, bees to honey. Discover a place through its flowers, and get yourself to one of these top spots next year.

Portland Rose Festival, Portland, Oregon

One of the most famous floral events in the world, the rose festival honors the Northwestern city’s iconic flower. Taking place over three weekends, this event has been running for 104 years and features 4,000 roses. There are parades, a rose show and a fair that includes rides, live music and games. While in Portland, visit the International Rose Test Garden for an incredible experience of new and innovative roses. (Extend this trip for as long as possible by having our Pink Dozen Roses waiting for you when you get home.)Pink Dozen Roses Uniontown, PA

Philadelphia Flower Show, Pennsylvania

This is the largest indoor flower show in the U.S., and it’s right in our neck of the woods. Get yourself there to explore a marketplace of florals from around the world, as well as to take horticulture classes, shop for garden supplies and decor and to mingle with flower experts and lovers alike.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh

Since 1893, Phipps has been greening up the city. Its botanical gardens house tropical and desert plants, exotic flowers, ferns and more. The calendar includes flower shows and other events, and there are also plenty of hands-on exhibits and gardens to explore for young and old green thumbs. Catch the Summer Flower Show, which combines contemporary art, music and flowers for an entirely unique experience.