Set Fall Aglow With Rich Textures And Colors

It’s Fall, and that means it’s time for texture. Tons and tons of texture. It’s layered into our candles and spiced coffees. We put it in our pies, lay it out in our blankets and pillows. Even our front doors, crowned with lush, harvest-hued wreaths, entice us to draw closer and look deeper. Neubauer’s Flowers has all that in a floral design, many floral designs. But if we have to pick out just one that is indicative of the kind of texture we’re talking about, well we can make the tough choice.

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A Not-Too-Spooky Halloween Gift

Get out your yard headstones and hang the ghosts from the trees—Halloween is here, and it’s time to decorate!

Neubauer’s Flowers is frightfully happy to offer you some floral treats to make the most of your Halloween, and we think one in particular hits all the marks: it’s cute, it’s spooky and it’s full of beautiful blooms. Oh and it’s well lit, too.

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Fall In Love With Fall’s Richly-Colored Flowers

Fall is a wonderful time to reevaluate our decor. It’s the moment to make use of richer, more luxe fabrics and colors, and Neubauer’s Flowers can certainly speak to that when it comes to flowers. One of the best ways to introduce some rich, textural appeal to your personal space is to update and refresh your entertaining areas with beautiful new flowers.

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