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The language of flowers or meaning of flowers is referred to as floriography. This was a Victorian-era means of communication where various flowers and bouquets allowed individuals to express feelings which could not be spoken.

The nuances of floriography are now mostly forgotten. But today red roses still imply passionate romantic love; pink roses -admiration, a lesser affection; white roses suggest innocence and purity; and yellow roses stand for friendship or devotion.

Increase your vocabulary with our meaning of flowers

  • Alstroemaria- Devotion     
  • Amaryllis- Dramatic
  • Aster- Daintiness and love
  • Azalea- Abundance
  • Baby's Breath- Festivity
  • Begonia- A fanciful nature
  • Bells of Ireland- Good luck
  • Black-Eyed Susan- Encouragement
  • Calla Lily- Regal, magnificent beauty
  • Carnation- Fascination, love, wealth and abundance
  • Carnation red- Deep love and affection
  • Carnation pink- Gratitude, I'll never forget you
  • Carnation white- Truth
  • Chrysanthemum white- Truth
  • Chrysanthemum yellow-Secret admirer
  • Chrysanthemum general- Cheerfulness and rest, You're a wonderful friend
  • Daffodil- Chivalry
  • Daisy- Innocence
  • Delphinium- Boldness, Ardent attachment
  • Freesia- Spirited
  • Forget Me Not- Remember me forever
  • Gardenia- Secret love, purity and sweet love
  • Gladiolus- Strength of character
  • Heather- Admiration. Solitude
  • Hyacinth- Sincerity
  • Hydrangea- Perseverance
  • Iris- Inspiration. Wisdom and valor
  • Ivy- Wedded love. Fidelity. Affection
  • Jasmine- Grace and elegance
  • Larkspur- Lightness and swiftness. Beautiful spirit
  • Lily Stargazer- Ambition
  • Lily Casablanca- Celebration
  • Lily white- Sweetness. Majesty
  • Lily yellow- Gratitude and gaiety
  • Lisianthus- Calming
  • Lily of the Valley- Return to happiness. Humility
  • Orchid- Delicate beauty
  • Pansy- Loving thoughts
  • Passion Flower- Passion
  • Peony- Happy marriage and prosperity
  • Poppy- Consolation
  • Queens Anne's Lace- Delicate femininity
  • Ranunculus- Radiant
  • Rose coral- Desire
  • Rose dark pink- Thankfulness
  • Rose lavender- Enchantment
  • Rose peach- Modesty
  • Rose yellow- Zealous. Gladness
  • Rose red- Passionate love
  • Rose pink- Friendship
  • Rose white- Innocence. Purity
  • Snapdragon- Presumptuous. Protection from evil
  • Star of Bethlehem- Hope
  • Stephanotis- Happiness in marriage
  • Sunflower- Power. Warmth. Nourishment
  • Tulip pink- Caring
  • Tulip purple- Royalty
  • Tulip red- Declaration of love
  • Tulip white- Forgiveness
  • Tulip yellow- Hopeless love
  • Violet- Faithfulness
  • Yarrow- Good health
  • Zinnia- Thoughts of friends

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